About Alfred

By putting a range of household linen on the market under the Alfred label, Marie Mees and Cathèrine Biasino are deliberately expressing a timeless ambition and a passion for textiles. It's a question of control, from the originality of the design to the extremely high quality of the end product. Every link in the chain
is of crucial importance and is followed up with the same energy and care, resulting in a refined and durable product.

After years of working with leading brands in the textile and carpet sector, the decision to put together and market their own collection was almost self-evident. By creating high-quality products, they wish to respond to a gap in the market, with creations in which as much care is put into the design as the technical execution. Creation and execution are inextricably linked, and it is precisely by putting every stage of the process on an equal footing that it is possible to end up with a unique product.

Examining the collection closely, one finds oneself in the intense world of detail. But detail is all too often seen as an add-on, whereas in fact it is precisely in the detail that we find the essence of what did not strike us at first glance. In a world of superficial images, many people find it hard to grasp the care and attention paid to refinement. It is not so natural to attend so meticulously to the less conspicuous qualities of a product.

It is precisely in this introduction of subtle elements which are not initially obvious that we find the key to understanding and appreciating the textile designs by Marie Mees and Cathèrine Biasino.

The essence of the collection is quality and durability. The thinking consumer will be increasingly aware that a limited number of items, whether it be textiles or other products, is preferable to a reduction in quality. Knowing that behind a product there are people with specialist skills who have worked on it with heart and soul gives this household linen an added human value.

This is a collection that seeks the beauty of the essential, an almost invisible perfection combining order, proportion and pattern. These two ladies have, with the greatest refinement, created the Alfred collection as an experience that far transcends the visual. Their aim is to appeal to both the sensitive consumer and the project market.

Marc Dubois
March 2009


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